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Hans Christian’s musical journey began with cello studies at an early age and soon expanded by playing bass and moving to Hollywood and later to San Francisco.
He has worked extensively as a performer and a composer and enjoys a growing recognition for his accomplishments as a producer, player, and engineer.
He currently resides in Door County, Wisconsin.

For more information about Hans Christian's work visit his studio website,

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Contemplative solo cello improvisations
(Allemande Music, 2008)

Recorded live inside the famous Cathedral at Chartres, in the crypt underneath the cathedral, and in the adjacent chaoel of a former monastery, this CD is charged with Spirit and spontaneous invocation.Sancta Camisia is the name of the sacred tunic stored at Chartres Cathedral in France that is said to have belonged to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hans Christian had a rare opportunity to unfold his cello playing in such a magical setting and captured it all "on tape". Invocative, meditative, soulful solo cello...

Cinematic music to time travel and unravel...
(Allemande Music, 2007)

"Cinema Of Dreams is a collection of solo pieces that I composed and recorded over the last three years. Finding new musical settings for the cello has always been of interest to me, and on this CD I have stretched out in this regard more than ever. Some pieces have an electronic quality with oscillator-driven drone scapes, while others incorporate a distinctly classical orchestral sound. Then again, I also love including Rock and World Music elements, especially in the rhythmic structure. Imagine Film Noir to Electronica, with a detour to India and the Middle East...

So, there you have it- an esoteric blend of cello, combined with a bunch of other instruments that I play (sarangi, nyckelharpa, sitara, bass, sarod, various rhythm instruments, keyboards, etc) and sound design (tape effects, backwards phrasing, half speed loops, etc). Enjoy the journey!!"

Sacred Renaissance Music
(Allemande Music/New Earth Records, 2004)
Ten instrumental arrangements of renaissance madrigals (four part vocal music) from the 15th and 16th century. Skillfully performed by Hans Christian on cello, nyckelharpa, and sarangi, this CD stays within the stylistic boundaries of this beautiful musical period. No "modern" elements (such as synthesizers, drum machines, etc) were added so as to present an intact acoustic listening experience...

(Allemande Music, 1996, re-issued in 2003)
Highlighting Hans Christian's unmistakable cello virtuosity, Surrender features the cello, this most soulful of instruments, in new and exciting musical contexts. The pieces on Surrender suggest a musical path that freely crosses the boundaries between Eastern and Western traditions in a fusion of cultural styles. where the classical/European voice of the cello, the Far Eastern or Middle Eastern sounds of an oud-like guitar, Balalaika or Shakuhachi are integrated with the modern pulse of electronic timbres. Each composition in this collection is decidedly different; passion dominates one piece, the next is reflective, another brings powerful rhythms - yet each is carried by a clear melodic voice which gives rise to a deep probing into the listener's soul. An intensely beautiful album that is an emotional rendering of compassion and transcendence. 

"Highly recommended"
- Billboard Magazine
"Incredibly deep and artistic..."
- New Age Voice

(Allemande Music, 1993, re-issued in 2003)
Hans Christian’s first release, rich in ethnic, pop, and neo-classical ingredients, with the cello soaring through a colorful tapestry of rhythms and melodies. (Allemande Music/Lejos Del Paraiso, 1993, re-issued in 2003)
Passionate intensity is the driving force behind this stunningly beautiful and rich music. It clearly penetrates deeply into life and is unafraid to explore the full breadth of existence- including the shadow side, without which we would be unable to know the light. Cello is often the lead instrument, along with a full regalia of exotic instrumentation, including electric basses, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, sound effects, vocals, percussion, didjeridoo, tablas and frame drums. Rhythmic, experimental and innovative, this is supreme music for the daring and the deeply caring and offers a welcome relief from canned music of all varieties.

(Allemande Music, 1999)
A collection of songs about wind and water that explore the mystery of the Great Lakes as a metaphor for of our life's journey. Timeless arrangements for cello, voice, piano, and traditional folk instruments serve the listener a musical treat of seafaring tunes. But rather than offering the expected shanties, Fred Alley, Hans Christian, and Ira Stein select a blend of folklore and musical poetry on this album that is heartwarming, enchanting, and contemplative.

(Allemande Music, 1998)
Ten sacred carols that celebrate the spirit of Christmas, past and present, in a timeless Beauty. Performed by Fred Alley (vocals), Ira Stein (piano), and Hans Christian (cello, nyckelharpa), this CD reaches past trendy interpretations to rediscover the somber and reflective qualities of such classics as Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel; Coventry Carol, and ‘Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime. This collection of carols for the season of Light is bound to become a Christmas classic.